Leesa, The Uniform Stylist X x

Fashion has been my passion, and something of an obsession, for as long as I can remember.

As a child, when other little girls were dressing their Barbie dolls in ready-made clothes bought from toy stores, I was designing and sewing couture pieces for my Barbies. Though my dear dolls had little say in their bespoke wardrobe, I felt it made my Barbies special. For the last twenty years I’ve worked in fashion,  I’ve loved dressing people for the same reason, to make them feel special.

When I applied for Uni, I only ticked one box. ‘Fashion’. I had no fallback option. Nothing else excited me. I had no “plan B”.  After university, with my Fashion Degree in hand, I launched my career, working for some of Australia’s biggest and most loved retailers.

As a buyer, I travelled the globe in search for inspiration, to build collections that were not only innovative and directional, but commercial and unbiased – clothes that looked great on everyone. I chose clothing that people would love to wear (to work, or play) and clothing that would also reflect what was unique about the iconic brands I worked for.

To me, work, fashion and feeling good are all one and the same. When you’re interacting with your team and clients everyday – it’s essential you feel good about yourself to be able to perform at the top of your game.

Fashion builds confidence and can inspire those around you in many ways. Having spent many years running a successful uniform design business, I’ve learnt that in the service industry, that only really works if you’re wearing a uniform that suits your style, personality and body shape. It’s all about uniting as a team and as a brand, whilst still being able to express who you are, as an individual.

That’s why I love what I do. I use fashion to empower people so that they look good and feel good everyday.

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