How important is an exclusive uniform design to your brand?

94% of people say that VISUAL impact is everything when it comes to forming an opinion about a
brand. It will take only 1/10th of a second to form that opinion. What is it that a potential customer sees in less than a second?

Branding helps tell the story of your product or service- it communicates what your values are, your perspective, and helps illuminate the personality and positioning of your business. Most importantly, it creates a connection.

In any business your people are your brand.

What are your staff wearing? How united is your brand?

Does your uniform showcase what your brand is really about?

“In the boutique and luxury space, being on trend is vital in all aspects of your business. Fashion is instant language. It speaks volumes about what your brand is about, and can make or break the confidence of your staff”

When it comes to their loyalty to your business, if your staff don’t like what they’re wearing, that might be enough for them to move on.

Maybe you’ve created a mood board for your business, with all the latest fashion styles that relate to your brand. You may have even started researching stock availability, only to find the sizes you require are no longer available. Or the styles you like have sold out completely!

Where to now?

You could start flipping through the mass produced, corporate catalogues from your local Uniform rep to make a selection. They’re nearly always in stock, affordable and easily accessible.


You could collaborate with a fashion designer – who operates as a uniform supplier – and can bring that mood board to life. The Uniform Stylist is an entire team of designers, stylists and and creatives on hand to provide your business with a personal Uniform style service.

The custom design process is our passion and our speciality. For us, it’s not just about manufacturing “fashion for work” for any boutique business. We believe custom design is about a partnership, an ongoing collaboration with our clients. It all starts with the initial brief, where we dive in and get to know your brand. Then the weeks of product development, where we curate bespoke designs together, walking you through every step with transparency and opportunity to refine concepts. Then we offer ongoing support AFTER the uniforms have been delivered. Like everything worth waiting for, the final outcome takes time to perfect.

If you’d like to have control over every aspect of your brand image, right down to the bespoke uniform you know your staff will love to wear, then perhaps its time to find out more.

Find out more about the process in our recent blog.

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