Curate your uniforms with The Uniform Stylist

Can’t find a Uniform that speaks to who YOU are?

Perhaps Google has directed you here in search of the perfect uniform for your business. Or, even better – someone recommended us!!

Maybe you’ve enjoyed browsing our SHOP WITH US collections and like what you see…Yet, some elements are not quite aligned with your needs.

You might then consider having the perfect uniform custom made so that it’s exactly what you want. In which case, you choose the drop down for COLLABORATE WITH US. However, if you’re an SME, creating a bespoke uniform can be a bit of stretch to meet cost effective MOQs –especially if you have less than 100 – 200 staff. Or, if you’re needing uniforms urgently – the lengthy custom design process won’t work for you either.

Just like building a new home, or launching a new location for your business – you don’t get to “lock up” stage, the day after you brief the Architect. Premium, exclusively designed Houses, Venues, Websites or Products ALL TAKE TIME. Especially when you choose to partner with experts, the best suppliers always seem to be booked out well in advance! You could decide to renovate your current property or re-decorate your home instead. All depending on your budget, time and what your partner/ significant other may like too.

In the case of a Uniform, you can Curate your own unique style by reimagining our designs.

Some people look for a more beautiful uniform, others make a uniform more beautiful

The CURATE WITH US Uniform process is similar to a refurbishment in your existing business, or a tweak to your existing branding. You work with what’s available, and make it even better!

Curate your uniforms with The Uniform Stylist

Here’s how we do it:-

  1. First, select the style/s you like in our collections. Something you think would work for your business… if only it was in a different colour, length, or fabrication. You might want a unique slogan print on T shirt, or a specific strap colour on an apron. We can use these as a starting point. Let’s take the ENVY tunic for example. Maybe it needs some colour?
  2. Next, tell us about your brand, any new directions and your uniform needs! The more you share with us, the better the results. Our in-house designers and product developers will liaise with you directly to capture the brief. Without a sales rep, or Middle Man (actually “Middle Person”) you’ll have access to your own personal stylist supporting you every step of the way. A mood board, style guide or your new/ existing colour palette is a great place to kick things off – so having them on hand will speed the process up.
  3. We’ll then provide our recommendations to suit your brief along with a quote. Digital proofs will be provided for your approval. Once everything is signed off, you can put your feet up, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your exclusive designed uniforms will be delivered to your door anywhere between 2 weeks – 2 months. Investing in your team is your priority. What they wear all day, every day – is ours. Together, we can curate a uniform that best represents your brand, and the people that make it so successful.

Our CURATE WITH US service is a flexible process, designed to support any business with staff in customer facing roles as well as any service industry professional.

Find out if this process is right for you today!

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