A lot of businesses add their brand logo to their uniforms. Personalising your uniforms or aprons with a monogram creates a customised look, and advertises your brand,

It can be a tricky process to figure out where to add a logo, especially when adding one to ladies clothing!  There are certain spots women do not like the logo placed!

Then you’ll need to work out what kind of logo will last. You’ll want one that wont fade or come off in the wash. How do you choose between a printed logo or an embroidered logo?

How much time will it take to organise the logo application? Do you have time to manage the process?

Adding logos to uniforms can be a great way to promote your brand. When your team is out of the salon to grab a coffee or lunch – your business name travels with them. Let’s face it, the more your brand is out there, the better. Especially in the local neighbourhood, making an impact is critical to stay ahead of your competitors.

We can take all the time and worry out of adding a logo for you.

If you’re not sure – we’re happy provide a free quote and advice on what the best options for you are, including new ways to brand that will really help you stand out from your competitors.  We can manage the whole process for you*. Including a free digital mock up, and delivery to your door.

How does it work?

We’ll need : 

  1. A hi res vector file of your logo. If your logo file isn’t suitable for use, we can also quote for any design adjustments required.
  2. Your style/s choice 
  3. Your quantity (Minimum order is 10 for embroidery, and 25 for print). 

The logo set up – which includes all screens, digitising, digital mock ups and a sample (embroidery sample only) is kept on file for future use, and  you only pay for this once. This set up is free for orders over 200. Check with your stylist for any bulk order discounts on your chosen products before applying logos, as your uniform will become very cost effective the more your order in one transaction.

Timelines vary pending stock availability and peak times/ public holidays – but generally you can expect to have stock within 2 weeks.


For a free quote – please get in touch

*logo orders managed for stock purchased with The Uniform Stylist only.