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Just scroll through any news feed and you’ll spot Celebrities and Royalty looking superbly ‘put together’. Especially when dressed for a stylish event. These public figures are exposed to global scrutiny if they dare to put a Jimmy Choo-clad foot wrong. It’s imperative that they’re looking their best. To avoid any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions – they invest in themselves by protecting their brand and engage a professional to dress them. Literally, dress them from head to toe. Their outfit, their ‘look’ is an expression of who they are and tells a story about their brand. With accessories like hair clips, handbags, bow ties and lipstick shades as supporting chapters. The entire look, doesn’t happen by accident, or by fluke. It’s crafted by an expert – with feedback from the wearer of course – before hitting the red carpet.

It’s no wonder a lot companies engage a brand specialist to develop guidelines for their Corporate Identity. Logos, stationery and websites are created by expert designers that specialise in branding. The same principle applies for Uniforms. You wouldn’t ask Susan from accounts to design the logo, or Kevin from Sales to design the landing page for your website. You also wouldn’t expect the CEO to design, or sew any uniforms. You’d get an expert in to do it properly, and let everyone else focus on what they do best all day everyday. If you partner with the right Uniform Designer, the end result will be even better than you had imaged!

For any business with customer facing team members, it’s so important that they are dressed in alignment with that brand. The Uniform has a dual role of supporting team members so that they feel good about themselves, as well as representing the business and it’s unique values.

Time, and time again, we see businesses wasting money on their uniforms by cutting corners, partnering with the wrong suppliers or jumping into the process too late. What they end up with is something that will ‘do the job’ – and worse, pay more for something that’s ‘mediocre’. 

Co-ordinating a collection that suits all team members, with one supplier – is like going to a vegan restaurant and looking for slow cooked lamb shoulder on the menu. You’ll have to cater to the carnivores at a different restaurant down the street. The same as you would cater to certain roles within your business, they may need uniforms to be sourced from a different supplier.

Different uniform suppliers, specialise in different products and niches. Team members (no matter how big or small your team is) like to wear different styles in order to feel their best as individuals. Styling the uniform collection to include variety, means engaging a workwear designer with an eye for detail and and a practical understanding of your business services. That way, the designer can find exactly what is needed, and not be restricted with one supplier.

So how do you take control of the uniform image so that it best represents your brand aesthetic, while taking into account all the elements that impact how your team feel? As well as sticking to budget and launch deadlines – it can be very overwhelming!

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