Face Mask 2 Pack Silk – HERRINGBONE

Pleated Masks – 1 x Black + 1 x Herringbone print 


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Face Mask 2 PACK Includes :

1 x Herringbone Black & White Print pleated face mask


1 x Plain Crepe De Chine Black pleated face mask.

  • 100% Silk
  • Lined in 100% Cotton.
  • Black Elastic Ear Loops
  • Adjustable nose bridge for added comfort

Wear one, while the other is on the wash. Mix up your professional look! In stock now.

The Uniform Stylist face masks are a fashion accessory designed to be worn over medical devices that provide protection from viruses/ particles.
Some of our mask designs co-ordinate with our uniform collections

Other designs are from end of run materials that are no longer required from fashion houses.

If you don’t have access to PPE/ Medical devices due to shortages - wear with anti-moisture/ odour liner for added comfort when wearing our masks.
Liners sold separately.

How to care for your mask

Don’t wear lippy or gloss on your lips.
Wash your hands for 25 seconds before putting the mask on, and repeat before removing it.
Throw the mask in the washing machine in a separate bag immediately after taking it off. This will help keep your mask in good condition – and will be easier to find when unloading.
Stay safe.

For more information - read our blog post here.

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Looking for a designer face mask to wear during these crazy COVID-19 times?