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Seam Detail Face Mask – Sanctuarie Linen

Single pack – Double-layer sculpted face mask – Silver


In stock

  • Viscose / Linen Silver Colour
  • Fully lined : 100% Cotton Black
  • Soft black ear loops
  • Adjustable metal insert for comfort at the nose bridge

We’ve been refining the double layer face mask design since the pandemic began. We’ll keep replenishing stocks while there’s a demand for stylish, comfortable masks for customer-facing professionals working though this pandemic. The MASK-US face masks are a sustainable face covering that is designed to be worn over liners or medical devices that provide protection from viruses/ particles. With our monochromatic print designs and classic colours, the MASK-US face masks are suitable for almost any workplace. Especially for those that are conscious about the number of disposable face masks heading to landfill each day. This particular face mask matches our Sanctuarie Uniform Collection How to care for your mask Don’t wear lippy or gloss on your lips. Wash your hands for 25 seconds before putting the mask on, and repeat before removing it. Pop the mask in the washing machine in a separate bag immediately after taking it off. This will help keep your mask in good condition – and will be easier to find when unloading. Dry by placing in direct sunlight either on a window sill or clothesline. Do not place in microwaves or tumble dryers. Stay safe. For more information – read our blog post here.

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